Monday, 8 August 2011

lost week

This past week unfortunately has been really slow. Out here in the waists of France my Brother, Girlfriend and his son decided to spend the week here, so I was dragged left right and centre, not to mention the lack of quiet, as my exuberant nephew charges round the house. That aside I did manage to get some work done.

Nothing too fancy. This was just a low poly model of a little statue in our living room. This however did give me an idea to do a still life setup, as a 3D model scene. This was in could create a scene which shows off what I've learnt in making different surface textures all in one render, which I could use as a portfolio piece.

Even though the skull and the statue were reused assets, I'm reasonably happy with the result. However, the lighting does still somewhat need to be worked on before it looks realistic enough to put into my Portfolio.

I also decided to make this...

To be honest this was just for fun. A sentinel from the Matrix. As it was just for fun it's a little bit on the high poly side reaching 22,434 triangles. I didn't really see the point of texturing it seeing as it's a useless model. but never the less I have work to catch up on for next week :)


  1. hmmm, 22.4 k doesn't seem excessive - want to have a go at animating it?

    would look cool going along in a squid like way... there are some similar characters in Crysis so it's not without precedent in game....

  2. rubbish screenshot, but in case you haven't seen them