Sunday, 4 September 2011

Carry on Doctor

uhh worst past couple of weeks have been just about the worst ever. I've developed myself a nasty little stomach ulcer so i've spent most of that time writhing in pain in my bed. Apparently, according to Mr French doctor, it's been brought on by accessive drinking. lol. I blame society. No, I guess the past few years have caught up to me. In any case, I did try to get some work done as I became more mobile. Not much but it's better than nothing.

I decided not to wait to finish the hair on my self-portrait and just use alpha channels for an opacity map.

To be honest i think it's turned out quite well. The main error with it i think is my jaw line. Once I was doing final renders I noticed how overly elongated the jaw was. I spent time trying to correct it, but it got to the point where the more I messed with it, the more I destroyed the silhouette, so this was my final result. Next time I need to really check the overall proportions before I put in too much topology. a really basic error that I seem to insist on continuing to make. In comparison to the self portrait i did 6 months ago:

I think I've improved quite a lot in terms of my understanding of topology, shape and form, and triangle efficiency. Considering that this was at the front of my portfolio when I applied to Ubisoft, no wonder I didn't get the job =/.

Anyway, I've also made a start on a female character. It still needs a LOT more work.

As you can see the legs are a little on the long side, even with the heals, so they need shortening. the shape of the face isn't how i want it, the hair line, and the rest of the hair needs sorting out and finishing, and The normals on the dress need more detail, because at a distance they don't even show up. This I do also intent to rig and hopefully animate. But for this week. That's all.