Thursday, 20 January 2011

Ever felt like you have a hideous demon stuck to your chest and you just need to get it off?

Ok so semester 2 of the Second year has begun and is well under way. We're over half way through our degree and that thought completely terrifies me. In any case. Looking back over the first semester, despite my horrifically slow start to the year, I've come over in leaps and bounds in 3D. I actually understand the different types of texture map and how they work. As appose to pretending to know and using them completely wrong because the brief says i had to use them. I actually know now how to approach my topology properly and lay out my UV maps for texturing and rigging in mind. Hell, i actually know how to rig now. But despite all these steps in progress, semester 2 has me at a hurdle higher than all the rest previous.

Before i thought that the biggest hurdle would be the rate as which i had to learn how to use 3Ds Max, but now we have this group project, we're having to move at break neck speed in comparison to our comfort zone. We're not even a week into our project, in fact we're 3 days into the project and we're already at the end of our concepting. Personally i don't think we've done enough, but the group is moving so fast, people are already modelling and I'm trying to fill in the gaps they're leaving. well, that's how i feel, and because I'm not modelling yet, it probably looks like I'm dragging my heals and slowing down the group, which is the last thing i need because I'm trying to look good to the group, I'm already working x5 faster than i would off my own back. I don't know about anyone else, but i get stressed out really easily and this is just driving me insane.

Then on top of that, I need to get to grips with the unreal engine, learn how to use Z-brush and try and get work done for internship applications, and deadlines are coming now thick and fast. Ok to pull my hair out yet?

I appologise to anyone whose actually sat and read this, but i just needed to be a cry baby for 5 mins and get this off my chest. I feel better now. :)