Saturday, 30 October 2010

Aerith gave her life, hopefully i won't have to go quite so far.

Although there is much more to learn, which is glaringly obvious as far as my 3D work is concerned, I came over in leaps and bounds in my first year. Even though I wasn’t up to the standards of the best in the class, and still, am not, to go from not ever using any software packages other than Microsoft word and paint, to being able to model and texture in 3Ds Max using Photoshop as a texturing tool to the standard I did in only a year, it’s safe to say I’m pleased with my progress and hope that my rate of learning only increases over the next coming year.

However, I’m well aware that this year there is more emphasis on autonomous learning than there was last year. In the first year we had our hands held quite a lot, even more so than my second A level year for art and design so It’ll be good to get back into the habit of getting on with it and being expected to just produce it. I can honestly say though, this year I am terrified of the second year slump that Mike has mentioned a few times during our critical studies sessions. In the first year I met a few, rather a lot of bad humps that could have potentially had me fail the first year and I’m doing all I can to avoid those through a crippling fear of failing. This new calamity however, oh dear, I can already feel it. My time management for my first 3D project went right out of the window, it crept up on me, and it shows. Why did I let it? I don’t know. Pure stupidity? Or the lackadaisical attitude of being a second year?

Seriously I cannot and will not let this beat me. As Aerith gave her live, and Cloud fought both Sephiroth and his own identity crisis to defend Gaia from the Dark materia calamity, I will battle with all my might to remove this equally colossal attitude defect.

In moving on from food of my nightmares, this year I very much hope that I can fully get to grips with 3Ds Max and sort out my time management so that I can put myself in good stead for an impressive intern student over the summer. So far as far as that’s concerned all the places I have looked are only really interested in about 5 month Internships or longer. Although we had a really long one between year 1 and 2, I don’t think we have that longer summer this year so I’m still on the look out for a game art based internship that is only 3 months or so. Though in all fairness, I have been looking at pretty grand places so far, I need to look at smaller companies, it’s getting to the point where I just need somewhere to get the experience under my belt. If I fail miserably at getting an intern I’ll end up doing Camp America again next summer, and as much of an amazing experience as it is, it’s not exactly conducive towards my ideal future career.

This for me is to work for Blizzard as either an environmental or character artist. Not too sure I’m mature enough yet to handle a managerial position yet but then my skills aren’t mature enough for that either, nowhere near. They’re recruiting now, and I have been looking long and hard for what they’re after. mostly programmers, but in art the main thing that caught my eye apart from the fact I’m learning programs they want, +1 for Game Art DMU, they want a minimum of 3 years industry experience and 3 games that have reached it onto the shelf. MINIMUM. Oh dear. What they also consider as a massive plus is having a strong art background, +2 for Game Art DMU, and being able to work low poly with high quality textures, +3 for Game Art DMU. Unfortunately right at this moment in time they’re not doing internships, which is a shame because they’re based in France just 40mins away from where my parents live, which would have been all too convenient. But Blizzard is my target and their standards are high. I’m under no disillusionment of what my chances are of getting there, and most blind monkeys with a stick want to be there too. I must become the monkey who doesn’t have his eyelids sewn shut and has a longer stick than all the rest.