Saturday, 5 December 2009

Would Frodo still have taken the ring if he knew how "easy" it would be?

The title Art Director itself is somewhat deceptive. It’s about as simple as strolling into Mordor and casting the ring into the lava. Initially I imagined that an Art Director’s job, rather jobs, would involve managing a team of artists, assessing their work and progress and basically leading them to produce the final look and style of the game. In fact, in addition to that, they must: work with the project art manager to ensure goals and projects are hit within a budget; directly recruit a team, communicate art direction with overseas teams, personally resolve technical issues, monitor less-experienced artists, present the project’s progress to seniors and 3rd parties, on top of working on the development of the game himself. All of a sudden its quite a responsibility. I can imagine that unless you have a very compromising personal life, you wouldn’t have one.

Personally I’d much rather be in a less stressful position, maybe “intermediate” or “senior” Artist at the highest. I wouldn’t want phone calls, continuous meetings, reviews etc, to take over my creativity. I think if Art director was a position you wanted, then you would have to be willing to, live to work, so to speak, as appose to working to live. Primarily, the person would have to be patient, completely confident in their skills, a good leader and have the up most time management... something I haven’t exactly perfected.

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