Friday, 15 April 2011

Who wants a geeky tattoo?

For about a year now I’ve been “mmming” and “aaahing” about whether or not to get a tattoo, particularly a game related tattoo. There about 3 of 4 games which I’ve been thinking about, games which mean something to me and it’s been on my mind a lot more recently. However, today while I was doing a whole lot of nothing, this popped up:

Convenient much?

As I Delved further into the article, the most common tattoo seemed to be the Triforce symbol from Zelda, but needless to say that I discovered some pretty hardcore gamer tattoos. Some awful, some quite simple and cute, but what I had in mind was far removed from the entire character selection screen of the Marvel vs Capcom on my torso. I was thinking something small and personal.

In any case, it was defiantly interesting to hear why some people got their gamer tattoos. Some said: it was to remind them of a particular person, or fond memory. Others said it was to remind them of a simpler time in their child hood, free from taxes and bills. A couple simply said, “because I love the game” or “I add every game I’ve completed to the collection”, but whatever their reason, to me I guess the reason that makes the most sense would be of sentimental value. But in any case, This article didn’t really help me in my decision, it just confirmed that there are so many people out there with a passion for games, equal to mine. So much so that they’re willing to give that particular game the highest honour they can, by branding it on their person for the rest of their days. Don’t know why but this article almost made me feel like it’s my duty to get out there and help continue to inspire people so passionately.

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