Thursday, 22 October 2009


Its interesting how a discussion about an old game and its boss can snowball into hate filled controversy. In keeping with our blog subjects, a game for the Super Nintendo, Earthbound came up as topic of conversation, particularly the final boss, Giygas, dubbed as one of the most disturbing game bosses of all time, particularly for a children’s’ game. It’s pretty much a floating heat which giggles and makes funny noises upon strike and eventually warps into this translucent skull with a foetus inside.

After my own dark and emotional history of abortions, the Giygas discussion lead to probably one of my most hated pieces of art work. Me being me I keep all my internal instabilities to myself and express myself outwardly through my art. This time was no different, Giygas took my back to a place I wanted to forget, so in my haste I scribbled down what was in my head and referred it to the old chums at home. Think it’s safe to say that I pretty much took for granted how well they know and understand me. Not only did they know what I was getting at straight away, they knew how to cheer me up and not let my past get to me. One thing I’ve since realised I miss so much about home.

Clearly my big mistake was assuming that people here would take the same understanding, pretty much no one here really knows me, let alone had any exposure to my style of expression. I guess if I was in any rational state of mind I would have realised how over-zealous I was being by uploading it upon a single request to my DMU facebook profile. As much as I enjoy being on the receiving end of other people’s the contempt and being told I’m going to burn in hell by class mates, I think it’s safe to say that my ‘personal work’ file on facebook is going to stay pretty barren.

Think I’m gonna take this opportunity to thank the people who understood the concept of the image and didn’t just assume I was trying to get a reaction out of everyone. Oh how I look forward censoring myself in future.

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